A Child’s Voice
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A Child’s Voice

A Child’s Voice

It is rare when an official synopsis is so alien to what actually happens in a film that it’s almost a lie. Edgar Michael Bravo’s Slice most recent feature offering is billed centering around “a homeless teen [answering] the voice of a child calling out for help,” and that is indeed what happens; but that’s only a fraction of what actually occurs, quickly descending into a swirling vortex of thinly-connected non-sequiturs. Though it is certainly true that A Child’s Voice may have its moments of hardened emotional potency, the end result is a confusing and tedious journey through vague motivations and connections.

Though the majority of the film follows the drug-addled homeless teen Tim (Joey Burke), the film starts off on a cloaked ritualistic Call of the Wild ceremony involving the sacrifice of the small boy Jacob (Jonathan Matthew Wilson). While Tim fiends for a mean fix, he starts to hear Jacob’s voice in his head, calling for help, though he initially dismisses this as losing his mind from withdrawal symptoms. Simultaneously Kristy (Angela Mavropoulos) and her boyfriend Matt (Kristian Pierce) struggle under the thumb of Bill (Bailey Brenner), a wrangler in a local human trafficking ring, while searching for her wayward mother and a way out. Their worlds collide when Tim is lead by Jacob’s voice to her, saving her from a nasty (and potentially deadly) confrontation, leading to a descent into the city’s underworld where torture is commonplace, and nothing is what it seems.

Even though those are the bare bones of the plot, that’s about as much that actually makes any particular sense. That isn’t to The Sun is Also a Star say that there aren’t any logical throughlines throughout the narrative, but most of them are loose ends that either are never wrapped up, or contribute little to nothing to the overall experience. For instance, Tim is given context near the beginning through him visiting his drug dealer. While this is nothing particularly special besides determining the severity of Tim’s addiction, the scene commences with that dealer on the phone with his superiors, getting chewed out and obviously on edge. The emphasis placed on this conversation implies that it affects the narrative, though it (and the character) is never revisited.

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