Shed of the Dead
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Shed of the Dead

The biggest change The Death of Superman, out this week on Blu-ray, makes is that it’s in current DC animated continuity, based on the “New 52” run of comics that has since been rebooted. Superman: Doomsday was more of a “what if” sequel to the animated series, done in the same style but arguably not in the same reality. The current continuity can be disorienting: for example, Mama 2 Clark Kent and Lois Lane (played by actual couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn) are in a secret relationship, but she does not know he’s Superman, who has previously romantically hooked up with Wonder Woman. And assuming Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is also considered canon, a whole lot of second-tier characters got killed recently.

It would be easy and cheap to say this is the best Superman movie in years; as a fan of the Zack Snyder movies, I can’t and won’t do that. But I will say it is probably the truest Synchronicity to Superman in years. He is the big blue boy scout, torn by obligations to loved ones and the world at large, but nearly always choosing the world out of duty. And in a modern twist, he’s revered as a celebrity, never failing to take selfies with anyone who asks. And he’s not the only one: in one of several meta-jokes, Wonder Woman boasts that her merchandise outgrossed the Wayne Foundation last year. (Other such jokes include Superman saying, “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?” to Lois, and a “Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel” reference.)

Overall, this animated movie feels like a real movie–well, half of one, anyway, narratively speaking, since it sets up a Reign of the Supermen sequel with TV’s Black Wonder Woman 1984 Lightning, Cress Williams, as Steel. It has epic locations and big action (some of these DC movies feel like they’re set in nearly empty worlds, but they seem to have spent some good money on this one), and goes out of its way to show Superman trying to save civilians from danger. It improves upon the original Death of Superman comic, which was mainly a sales gimmick wrapped in perfunctory action, by having it be about Superman learning to understand emotional risks as well as the physical variety, and Doomsday coming from a meteor makes a lot more sense than being buried deep in a subterranean cell. Yeah, it has those annoying New 52 costumes, but we’ve lived through worse.

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Shed of the Dead