Tales of Frankenstein
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Tales of Frankenstein

Tales of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein and his moping, depressed creation was conceived of by Mary Shelley a good century or more before the golden age of pulp fiction, but the monster White Fang and the genre had always seemed made for each other. Reanimated corpses, hubristic scientists, secret laboratories, rogue humanoid creations—each of these tropes scream “pulp”! Throw in Shelley’s geographic plot devices, like a ship stuck in the Arctic ice or a hidden retreat in a remote Scottish island, and the pulpy potential of the story becomes more marked.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, pulp writers pounced upon the twin tropes of mad scientist and reanimation first. It certainly inspired pulp’s greatest luminary, H.P. Lovecraft. One of his early tales, Herbert West—Reanimator, is a take on Frankenstein that transforms the philosophical and moral horror at the heart of Shelley’s novel into something out of Tales From The Crypt. Serialized in Jirga an amateur magazine called Home Brew between February and July 1922, Lovecraft wrote his story for the most pulp of reasons—he needed the money. Not that he was too happy with the $5 (around Rs300 now) that he was paid for his troubles.

While Shelley’s novel and Lovecraft’s story are similar in their basic premise, they vary wildly when it comes to looking at the consequences of trying to play god. Both Victor Frankenstein and Herbert West start out as idealistic geniuses at odds with scientific dogma. However, while Frankenstein never recreates his experiment, destroying his creation’s proposed bride before giving her life, West keeps on with increasing zeal. This eventually leads to insanity. Narrated by West’s friend in the Curse of the Nun aftermath of the former’s mysterious and, as the reader learns, ghoulish disappearance, we get a yarn that spans 17 years. It begins as West and the narrator are finishing medical school at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Lovecraft’s imagined locale of choice. West clashes with his professors, who frown upon his experimental re-vivification “solutions”, even as he searches for fresh, whole cadavers to work with.

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